Keywords = Urban Services
Spatial Analysis of Urban Services Distribution with Social Justice Approach (Case Study: District 11, Tehran)

Volume 10, 3-1, September 2020, Pages 343-357

samaneh azizi danaloo; Hossein Mojtaba Zadeh Khanaghani

Measuring citizens' satisfaction with the performance of service organizations in the city of Kouhdasht

Volume 10, 2-2, June 2020, Pages 877-895

nabi moradpour; nazanin mohamadi; mostafa shahinifar; maryam biranvandzadeh

Urban spatial distribution analysis with emphasis on urban planning models (case study: Tehran city)

Volume 9, Issue 34, June 2019, Pages 7-20

Amir Zahedi Yeganeh; Majid Shams; Abbas Malek Huseini; Iman Baharloo

A Study of Distributed Justice Status in Accessing Urban Services Case Study: Buman Town

Volume 9, Issue 37, March 2019, Pages 79-94

hosin almasi mofidi; mohammad reza zandmoghadam; parvaneh zivyar