Investigating the role of tourism ethics in promoting tourist security and developing Iran's tourism destinations

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Payame Noor University


Tourist security is not only a hardware, objective and traditional category, but also social, cultural and software norms have become more important day by day along with the aforementioned dimension. In the discussion of tourism security and the development of tourism destinations, ethics can play a carpentry and software role. The purpose of this article is to investigate the role of tourism ethics in promoting the security of tourists and the development of tourism destinations in Iran. The main question of the article is how tourism ethics can play a role in promoting the security of tourists and developing Iran's tourism destinations? The method of this article is qualitative. The method of collecting information is library. The method of data analysis is descriptive-analytical. The findings of the article show that the tourism system needs to be trained and promoted ethical frameworks in order to continue in a sustainable and safe manner. In fact, an unethical tourism system leads to anomalies in nature, culture, economy and society and will eventually lead to bankruptcy. In fact, if tourists do not have ethics, they cannot communicate with the destination and the host, and if the host community does not observe ethics in relation to tourists, the result will be the flight of tourists and the slump in the tourism market.