An analysis on urban green area condition in shahrekord

Document Type : Original Article


1 Professor, Science & Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Lecturer of Geography & Urban Planning, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran


In order to analyze activation setting in a city, it is inevitable to achieve a balance in the distribution of resource and services. Each settlement in eludes places presenting services such as commercial, financial and administrative as well as social and welfare services. Given that discipline available in these settlements, these centers should be distributed. Commensurably and in association with each other. In addition a greater number of people will access these services and thus they will be affected by each other. To determine the distribution of service centers including green area and parks is the issue that planners most often deal with and try to direct the allocation of resources and services. In this paper, using analytic-description methods, it has been en endeavored to examine the distribution of green areas in shahr-e-kord. Eventually areas and plus lacking green area were identified so that a step cam be taken to balance the distribution of green area application. Results suggested that capitation of shahr-e-kord’s green area allocates 5.3 square meter to itself, differing from standard capitation of ministry of Housing and Urban Development (7-12 square meter) of. Shahr-e-kord encounters lack of this application in the city. Hence, if has been suggested that equitable distribution of green area in the city be in a way that all citizens can utilize green area in less time and of least cost.


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