Identification of synoptic patterns of heavy precipitations over Behesht Abad Basin

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1 Assistant Professor in Climatology, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 M.A Graduate in Climatology.


Precipitation is one the most important climatic elements that its variations can have significant effects on water resources of every region. The patterns of precipitation are related to circulation patterns and the identification of them has great role in water resource planning. The present study is aimed to identify synoptic patterns that create heavy precipitation over Behesht Abad basin using environmental to circulation approach. In this paper daily rainfall time series of 23 weather stations in Charmahal province from 2000/1/1 to 2010/10/21 were selected. The geo-potential data of 500 hpa level were also obtained to analyze circulation patterns. In the first step the days with amount of precipitation above 30 mm were selected and 152 days with heavy rainfall were then identified. Then in the next step geo-potential data of 500 hpa for the desired days for the geographical frame of 0 to 80 N and 0 to 80 E were exploited from NCEP/NCAR. These data were configured to the S mode with a matrix in 152*1089 and hierarchical cluster analysis was applied on the data. In the final step, six circulation patterns responsible for heavy precipitation were identified in the Basin and according to internal group correlation the map of representative day of each pattern was drawn. The results indicated that three patterns follow Blocking pattern and the three other patterns follow troughs and ridges systems. The formation of deep low-height in mid-level of atmosphere and the flow of cold mass from higher latitudes over Mediterranean and Black sea and gaining moisture from the them and the location of Iran in the forward parts of the troughs create instability and heavy rainfall over study area. In addition of moisture from Mediterranean and Black seas, the moisture and heat from Persian Gulf is effective in the occurrences of heavy precipitation over the region as well. 


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