Spatial assessment and environmental sustainability assessment of Shemiranat Sport Complex in connection with zoning of air pollution: in the direction of sustainable development and environmental protection

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1 Ph.D Student of Sport Management, Dept. of Physical Education, Faculty of Humanities, Islamic Azad University, Shahroud Branch, Shahrood, Iran

2 Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Dept. of Physical Education, Faculty of Humanities, Islamic Azad University, Shahroud Branch, Shahrood, Iran

3 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Environmental, Faculty of Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Shahroud Branch, Shahroud, Iran


A large part of hypaethral sports complexes in Tehran have been located in the Shemiranat area which is in different seasons are attracts a large number of athletes. That's while air Pollution in Tehran city in this area compared to other parts of the city especially for pollutants of ozone and nitrogen dioxide is worse situation. The purpose of this paper is spatial assessment and environmental sustainability assessment of Shemiranat sports complexes in Tehran considering the pollution of the air in Tehran. The main question of this article is that to locate and measure the environmental sustainability of Shemiranat sports complexes how much attention has been paid to the zoning of air pollution in Tehran? The results of this paper show the air quality of the Shemiranate area compared to other parts of Tehran in terms of contamination is worse and this is while in the study area, are located a large part of outdoor sports complexes. To do this research Pollution sensing stations data interpolated around the region to Kriging method for a period of 5 years. The air quality index (AQI) was used as the standard for data alignment. Layering was done by using ArcGIS 9.2 software.


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